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Dual-Ended Blackhead Remover

Dual-Ended Blackhead Remover

Dual-Ended Blackhead Remover

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A dual ended stem that gently and effectively removes blackheads and whiteheads. The wire end is for whiteheads; the rounded ball end is for blackheads. It gently clears clogged pores. 

 How to Use: 
Easy to use: the end with the hole removes blackheads; the loop end removes whiteheads
• Always disinfect tool with alcohol. Use after shower or sauna, when pores are open, or cleanse affected area and apply a warm, wet washcloth.
• For blackheads: use the end with the hole. Press the hole directly over blackhead to gently remove debris and unclog pore.
• For whiteheads: Wait until the whitehead breaks open the skin. Then gently press the loop over the whitehead.
• Cleanse area after finished with warm water.

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